• Anjaneya Yoga - Schedules, updates, and general information regarding Anjaneya Yoga and Douglas R Brooks, PhD, lecturer in Hindu Tantra and the esoteric cults of the Goddess.
  • Blissful Yoga - Guide to yoga practices, including exercises, meditation and breathing.
  • Cardiac Yoga - System of yoga for heart patients includes modified postures, breathing and meditation. Site offers workshops for heart patients, yoga teacher training, educational materials.
  • Yoga for Health - Brief introduction to Yoga and the different practices.
  • YogaClass.com - The Yoga Channel - Site uses RealAudio to offer yoga teaching experience. Information and walk-throughs for pranayam, asana, kriya, ananda, and mantra practices. (Works best with high-speed Internet connection.)
  • YogaEverywhere - Site describes simple daily practices, including breathing exercises, meditation and a set of yoga stretches that can be done at the keyboard. Also online newsletter.

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